Jiveman Motors (Sold)

Jiveman MotorsJiveman Motors AB presents a new motor concept for energy efficient power generation.

Fuel to power performance by reduced friction and low pumping losses
The concept offers energy eficiency superior to conventional ICEs over a wider power range. In addition to offering higher energy conversion eficiency this means that the Jiveman motor also can deliver a far wider torque range at constant RPM than a traditional ICE.The Jiveman motor has multihel capacities

A traditional ICE looses in energy eficiency when running outside a narrow power load. This is due to cylinder friction and pumping losses. These will proportionally rise when the traditional ICE is run with partial power capacity.

The Jiveman motor offers the unique feature of parking one or more pistons when power load decreases, thus reducing friction and purnping losses. This can be done even when the motor is running.

Capacity for efficient use of biofuels
The Jiveman motor has multihel capacities that no other ICE can offer.
In a traditional ICE the expansion process of the combustion phase is restricted by the circular movement of the crankshaft. This means that the combustion energy can not be utilized for optimal power generation.

The Jiveman motor design allows for different variable compression ratios and for different piston movements. This makes it possible to effectively make use of the most eficient combustion principle depending on the actual load and the qualities of available fuel.

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